Comparision of finishing processes
How VIBRO-FIN is superior to Tumbling Barrels  >>

Tumbling Barrels



Part-media rubbing only in top layer which is sliding because of gravity. Only 10-15% of volume is rubbing.

Part-media rubbing in 100% of volume.

VIBRO FIN needs much lesser time for similar result.

Uncontrolled sliding movement of part 

Gental rubbing  of part and media. Degree of vibration is  adjustable. In Tumbler due to impingement surface finish is quite poor.

Closed System.

Open System. Inspection of parts can be done at any time in VIBRO-FIN.

Being closed system only once compound
 can be added.

Finishing Compound can be added continuously or as per need of process. VIBRO-Fin produces much superior finish using combination of compounds.
Cannot wash the parts. Parts can be washed at the end of the process. Output parts are clean and ready for next operation in VIBRO-FIN.
Usually bare metal. VIBRO-FIN bowl has hot cast PU or PBR lining. Tumbling damages parts, barrel needs
frequent changing and very noisy process.
All machines are separates and alone type.
More than one machines can be line up together. VIBRO-FIN can give automation and mass production
In nut shell tumbling process is like traveling by Bullock Cart where as VIBRO-FIN  is like traveling by Car.
How SUPER-FIN is different from VIBRO-FIN :




Part-media rubbing under gravitational force.

Part-media rubbing under 8-10 times gravitational force.

SUPER-FIN is much faster than VIBRO-FIN.

Media cannot reach intricate area in complicated part.

Due to pressure, media touches each and every surface of component.

For difficult to reach area  SUPER-FIN is preferred.

Machine volumes from 25 ltr to 2500 ltr.

Machine volume from 10 ltr. to 250 ltr.

SUPER-FIN more suitable for medium to small parts.

Heavy metal removal from surface takes longer process time

Heavy metal removal in shorter process time.

SUPER-FIN used for more difficult applications.

In nut shell VIBRO-FIN is like traveling by Car where as SUPER-FIN  is like traveling by Aeroplane.
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